Heated driveway?

Commercial snow melting. (E.g. TOYOTA + ELEKTRA).


ONDOL - The Korean invention

American Legend: Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

From STONE COLD to NICE WARM floors in just 2 hours?

New Kitchen Project. (Part 1)

New Kitchen Project. (Part 2)

Radiant heating in one day?

From cold slab floor to comfort and beauty.

How to connect UCCG-9991 programmable thermostat for radiant floor heating?

How to connect MTC-2991 manual thermostat for radiant floor heating?

How to choose the in-floor radiant heat ELEKTRA mat?

Many components of the Great Real Estate. (Part 1).

Many components of the Great Real Estate. (Part 2).

How to connect more than 1 mat?

The problem on the roof

Installing radiant floor heating in just one afternoon.

Cathedral ceilings effect & Medieval Hypocaustum (floor heating)


Your body acts like a radiator.

When you are not doing any work at all, your body produces about 400 BTU's/hr...


You give up about 100 BTU's/hr with evaporation (perspiration and breathing). Another 200 is lost by radiating towards colder objects around you RADIANT HEAT MAKES YOU FEEL WARM AND COMFORTABLE. 



The biggest difference between radiant heating and a conventional heating system (forced hot air), is that radiant heat controls the rate at which your body loses heat.  Hot air systems just put hot air into the room. But the "drafty" feeling you get can make you feel uncomfortable, even though the air is warm. Have you ever sat outside on a 100F day and "fanned" yourself to feel cooler? It works! Even with the air temperature still around 100F. For this reason, hot air systems can make you feel uncomfortably cool, even though the air coming out of the registers is warm.

By having radiant electric heating mats embedded in the floor the floor becomes a large radiator. The floor becomes warm and radiates warmth to the walls and objects in the room. As these objects become warm, you experience less heat loss because you are standing next to warm objects, and you feel warm and comfortable.



Feeling all warm begins with the feet.
It's true. When your feet are warm, you feel warmer all over. Because radiant heat in your home begins at the floor, the air temperature is always highest at floor level and decreases steadily toward the ceiling. That's comfort! The moisture content of the room is more stable and healthful. Unlike hot air heat, radiant heat is less likely to dry out your breathing passages, less likely to dry out the skin, and is less likely to dry out your furniture. Hot air rises with a convection heating system, carrying the heat with it towards the ceiling where it is not needed - wasting energy. (And that is why ceiling fan could be helpful in the winter!) 
If the air is not dehumidified, it feels several degrees warmer than it really is. For each degree lower temperature, you save energy and money.


Discover the comfort, feel the warmth, and enjoy the efficiency of radiant floor heating.


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