Heated driveway?

Commercial snow melting. (E.g. TOYOTA + ELEKTRA).


ONDOL - The Korean invention

American Legend: Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

From STONE COLD to NICE WARM floors in just 2 hours?

New Kitchen Project. (Part 1)

New Kitchen Project. (Part 2)

Radiant heating in one day?

From cold slab floor to comfort and beauty.

How to connect UCCG-9991 programmable thermostat for radiant floor heating?

How to connect MTC-2991 manual thermostat for radiant floor heating?

How to choose the in-floor radiant heat ELEKTRA mat?

Many components of the Great Real Estate. (Part 1).

Many components of the Great Real Estate. (Part 2).

How to connect more than 1 mat?

The problem on the roof

Installing radiant floor heating in just one afternoon.

Cathedral ceilings effect & Medieval Hypocaustum (floor heating)


Problem on the roof

Ice and freezing ruined the gutters, caused leaks and water damage as far away as in the basement...

Claims for water damage, mold and freezing have jumped from about 15% of all homeowner’s insurance claims in 1998 to nearly 22% in 2002, totaling an estimated $25.6 billion, according to the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO). This estimate includes damage costs from hurricanes and blizzards, such as Colorado's blizzard in March of 2003, which cost $93.3 million and was the state's most expensive winter storm. However, most water damage claims start with a simple leak or drip - and often can be prevented. Good portion of this is caused by freezing gutters, ice dam on roof and consequently: leaks into the basement followed by the mold!


Such was the case of this house in Brooklyn, NY...


Solution: New gutters + single Elektra VCD17/750 130+ ft. long, 240V cable + moisture and temp. sensors hooked up to a completely automatic thermostat for years (winters) of trouble free operation.


This is the ‘how to’ picture story: 




Elektra VCD17/710, a 710 Watts, 240V, 3A, 134 feet long, heating cable:








The same wire is run into the downspout of the leader.




OJ Elektra ETOR-55 heated moisture sensor: 


OJ ELEKTRA ETF 7 outdoor temperature sensor: 


The temp. sensor installed



OJ Elektra ETO thermostat installed: 3 zones, 1 used. The remaining 2 can be used for walkway snow melting, steps or driveway snowmelting when time comes to repair or to get new ones installed.





Snow often may seem light and fluffy, but don't be fooled.


A cubic foot of light snow weights about 20 lbs. However, a densely packed mixture of ice and snow can weigh as much as 60 lbs. Even an average amount of snow accumulated on a school building roof can easily weigh 200 tons or more!  

How do you know if your building may collapse?

Check whether one or more of the below apply and take preventive action.


Buildings and roofs most susceptible to collapse:


  • A building with a flat or low-pitched roof.
  • Any building older than 50 years.  
  • L- or T-shaped buildings
  • Low buildings attached to higher ones.
  • Buildings without sound concrete foundations.


Dangerous weather conditions:


  • Heavy, wet snow.
  • High winds after any snowfall. 
  • Heavy snowfall followed by rain.
  • Frequent freezing and thawing.  


Know the snow in your area before you build!

Your building's roof load rating should well exceed your town's expected loads. It is strongly recommended that a safety margin of at least 10 lbs/sq. ft. is used, and more if local conditions warrant.

Ensure your builder and rafter manufacturer are aware of this information and supply properly rated roof trusses. If a building is properly designed and constructed for your location, concerns about collapse should be rare.


And don't forget how pretty icycle can become a dangerous projectile striking straight 'out of the blue sky'!



Please remember: Electricity can be deadly and wiring done incorrectly can kill and start deadly and destructive fires even when "just replacing one small receptacle". 


NEVER EVER attempt to work or even touch the inside of the electrical components without being 100% sure that the power is disconnected!

If you are not an electrcian and if you have the slightest doubt about your wiring ability, please contact a licensed electrician and/or repairman before doing any diagnosis, repairs or installations. The products shown here are deemed SAFE and sound by various testing authorities but the wiring process can only be SAFE when done with safety precautions. Please read manuals and/or ask pros when not sure. Most of the simple installations shown here can be done by yourself or you can have someone qualified do it for you and THEN have the electrician check it and connect it to power.  

Feedback is something that really keeps us going.

Please comment on the FORUM or send us your comments or requests for any specific topic that you would like us to feature.

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We almost lost the count where all those ELEKTRA heated floors are!
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