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How to install indoor floor heating cable

How to install indoor floor heating cable without mistakes.

There are 2 basic types of floor heating cables:


  • VCD - One end of the cable is to be connected to the thermostat and the other end is capped.


  • VC - Both ends of the cable are to be connected to the thermostat


Some cables are 'more powerful', some are 'weaker'.

The designation here is by the Watts per running unit of length of the cable.



VCD10/550 cable is 550W/240V cable powered on one end and 'weak' 10Watts/run. meter or 3.1 Watts/run. ft.


VC20/2920 is 2920W/240V cable powered at both ends and 20W/run. m. or 6.25W/run. ft. 


All of the designations of Watts per running unit are:


(Mostly indoors)

10 Watts/run. meter or 3.1 Watts/run. ft. (both VC & VCD)

15 Watts/run. meter or 4.7 Watts/run. ft. (VC only)

17 Watts/run. meter or 5.3 Watts/run. ft. (VCD only)


(Mosty outdoors)

20 Watts/run. meter or 6.25 Watts/run. ft (VC only)

25 Watts/run. meter or 7.8 Watts/run. ft. (VCD only)


Which one to use?

VCD cables are thicker (as thick as your cable TV wire) because they have 2 heating cores.


VC cables are thinner as they have only one heating core. About half the size of VCD thickness.

The thicker the mud job (self leveler, mortar or thickset) the more powerful cable can be used.


VC10 or VCD10 - 1/2" or thicker of the mud job.

VC15 or VCD17  - 3/4" or thicker of the mud job.

How to install it?


Tools needed:

1. Cable tacker

2. Measuring tape

3. Calculator

4. Electric meter


Heating cable cannot be cut to size. It is what it is and over 180 models are available based on length and Wattage.

Heating cables cannot cross or be closer than 2"!




1. Measure the square footage of the room. DON'T ESTIMATE, measure exactly what the square footage is.

WALKING AREA ONLY. Not under permanent fixtures, shower stalls, cabinets etc.

Tip: when measuring the floor leave some 5-6" off the wall not covered. You could use this area as a "buffer zone" to install the cable in later in case you will have some cable "leftover" at the end. Remember, it cannot be cut and everything must be used up.


Plan for anywhere between 9-15 Watts/s.f.

E.g. 193 s.f. ?

VCD10/1900 a 1900 Watts 240V cable is good for 1/2"-3/4" floor mud job.

This particular cable is 617 ft. long.

For thicker floor VC15/1900 or VCD17/1920 are good. 

Any of the above cables will produce 10 Watts/s.f.


2. After receiving the cable check the resistance or continuity of the heating element with the meter.



3. Plan for the spot for flex conduit (included) for the thermostat floor temperature sensor installation. 2-3" away from actual heating element is good.



4. How to calculate the distance between each run of the cable?

Convert 193 s.f. into square inches.

E.g. 193 s.f. x 12 x 12 = 27765 sq. inches.

Convert the length of the cable

E.g. 617 ft. = 7404 in. long.

Divide 27765/7404 = 3.75 in. or 3 3/4" apart 




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