Heated driveway?

Commercial snow melting. (E.g. TOYOTA + ELEKTRA).


ONDOL - The Korean invention

American Legend: Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

From STONE COLD to NICE WARM floors in just 2 hours?

New Kitchen Project. (Part 1)

New Kitchen Project. (Part 2)

Radiant heating in one day?

From cold slab floor to comfort and beauty.

How to connect UCCG-9991 programmable thermostat for radiant floor heating?

How to connect MTC-2991 manual thermostat for radiant floor heating?

How to choose the in-floor radiant heat ELEKTRA mat?

Many components of the Great Real Estate. (Part 1).

Many components of the Great Real Estate. (Part 2).

How to connect more than 1 mat?

The problem on the roof

Installing radiant floor heating in just one afternoon.

Cathedral ceilings effect & Medieval Hypocaustum (floor heating)


What is an underfloor radiant heating mat?

Time to say goodbye to STONE-COLD floors? YES.

Say goodbye to cold floors in the bathroom, kitchen, entry foyers or even beautifully tiled living room with radiant electric floor heating.


Our extra thin heating mats take up only 1/8”, and therefore they can easily be installed everywhere where ceramic, marble or stone tiles are installed. The installation is a snap and will not take more than 15% of the time needed to tile the floor under normal conditions.



Each Elektra underfloor heating mat comes as a roll of fiberglass mesh with the heating wire in it. Each is 20" wide and different lengths. All are made for US market in Europe by Elektra.

Take the square footage measurment since you can make any size coverage by cutting the mesh (but not the heating wire) and spreading it in the shape needed.


Sizes are anywhere from 11 sq. ft. coverage up to a 133 sq. ft. After that - more than one can be used.

(Parallel connection only). 


Aside from being made for either 110-120Volts or 230-240Volts heating mats come in few distinct models:


  • It can have 1 power supply cord (a bit thicker mat) or 2 power supply cords (thinner and also bit cheaper but just as good in quality) mat. 


  • In those they can be either 9 Watts per square foot or 14 Watts per square foot.


For complete installation a dedicated line-voltage thermostat (preferably sensing floor temperature) is also required.

The heating fiberglass mesh based mat is installed right beneath the new tiled flooring which means that the heat can be regulated fast without annoying delays while using our dedicated line voltage thermostat with special floor temperature sensor . This is the best use of the energy for either heating up the room or just to bring much needed comfort to otherwise pretty but unpleasantly cold ceramic tiled floors.
The system is 100% fault free, warranted for 10 years while professionally installed and simple enough for DIY’s as well.


We also have somewhat similar but different in terms of installation requirements product available for immediate shipping:

A heating wire on the spool.


But remember - Electricity can be deadly and wiring done incorrectly can kill and start deadly and destructive fires.  If you have the slightest doubt about your wiring ability, please contact a licensed electrician or repairman before doing any diagnosis or repairs.

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IBM - PL. Why no driveway or steps will need to be shoveled or salted when winter arrives.
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